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Gathering and sharing data to get the word of God into the hands of every person

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ProgressBible brings together data that is vast and complex and makes sense of it

We aim to be . . .

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Authoritative source of information regarding status of Bible Translation, including: current work being done, remaining needs, and Scripture completed.

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Facilitate partnership among agencies and help eliminate duplication of efforts.

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Data is updated monthly to have the most up-to-date information.

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Consistently provide dependable information in an easy to use format.

Did you know there are about 1,200 languages that have zero access to Scripture?

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Missio Nexus

Missio Nexus is an association catalyzing relationships, ideas, and collaboration within the Great Commission community. Missio Nexus seeks to contribute value to its members through five distinct but related channels: Relationships, Shared Learning, Ideas and Innovation, Great Commission Advocacy, and Collaborative Action.

Imagine your life if you didn’t know the truth of God’s Word. Didn’t know the unconditional love of Jesus. Didn’t know God’s plan for you. Because it didn’t exist in your language. That’s the grim reality for over one billion people around the world...

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ProgressBible’s comprehensive, collaborative and credible information is only made possible by the following partnerships:

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