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illumiNations is a collective impact alliance of Bible translation partners and resource partners working together to see all people gain access to God’s Word in a language they can clearly understand by 2033.

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Joshua Project

Joshua Project is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the fewest followers of Christ.

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Museum of the Bible

The illumiNations exhibit, at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., showcases over 6,000 different languages and sheds light on the sheer scale of Bible translation completed so far, while simultaneously depicting how many people groups remain in Bible poverty.

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Wycliffe Global Alliance Annual Statistics

Wycliffe Global Alliance presentations of Scripture and Language Statistics are compiled from data provided through ProgressBible by Wycliffe Organizations, SIL International, United Bible Societies and many other partners. This site provides a summary of the number of languages with Scripture, no Scripture, translation need, and translation progress.

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Looking for More Resources?

Explore the websites below for Scripture content and language information.


Find-A-Bible seeks to provide comprehensive data on existing Bible resources in the 6000+ languages of the world. This site provides a directory with links to: 4,480 Bible Versions and 30,514 Biblical Resources from 909 Organizations.


A website designed for easy access to Scripture resources in thousands of languages—offering ̣ video, audio, text to read on-line (sometimes with follow along audio), text to download and print,  links to purchase printed Bibles, mobile apps, and more…


Find out how and where people use languages with the research center for language intelligence. Profiles for every language and country on earth, maps of where each language is spoken, and powerful search and cross-referencing.

Digital Bible Library

DBL gathers, validates, and safeguards over 2600 quality, standardized, digital Scripture assets in a variety of media formats, in more than 1700 unique languages — contributed by an ever-growing number of partnering translation agencies.

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