Terms of Use for ProgressBible™ Registered User Data

Last updated: 19 January 2023


  • The use of information contained in each ProgressBible™ Registered User Data Report is governed by this Terms of Use document.
  • The specific terms applicable for data in this Supplied Data at the bottom of this page.
  • If you share this information with other persons, as permitted in this document, you must accompany the shared information with this license agreement.
  • You might be able to share information more widely if you get written permission from us first. You can request permission via progress-bible@sil.org.
  • The information in the ProgressBible™ Service is constantly improving; corrections and changes are a normal part of the Service.

ProgressBible™ is composed of information contributed by numerous ProgressBible™ Partners involved in Bible translation and Scripture engagement ministries, for the common good of the contributing agencies, and a wider set of interested parties. All participating organizations are concerned with the appropriate use of this information. SIL International, as the operator of ProgressBible™, desires to honor the wishes of ProgressBible™ Partners who graciously contribute data.

1. Definitions

In addition to the Defined Terms column in the Key Terms table, the following are considered defined terms for these Terms of Use:

  1. Great Commission is the concept of Christians being commissioned by God to be people who seek to make more disciples of Jesus Christ.
  2. Supplied Data is the database provided by SIL in the download, the specific elements of which are listed in Exhibit A.

Key Terms

Defined Term Description
"Granted Field of Use"Great Commission within the limits of Permitted Use specified for each data element in Exhibit A
"Registered User"Individual who is registered with a valid account on the ProgressBible™ official website.
"Granted Territory"Worldwide
"Granted Period"6 months from download date

2. Terms.

By downloading and using Supplied Data you agree to the following:

  1. Your use of Supplied Data is for Great Commission purposes.
  2. You shall restrict your use of Supplied Data to the Permitted Use specified in Exhibit A within the Granted Territory and Granted Field of Use specified in the Key Terms Table.
  3. The Registered User shall not permit the Supplied Data to be accessed by anyone but themselves, except as allowed by the Permitted Use defined in Exhibit A.
  4. You shall not incorporate Supplied Data into a product or service, whether free or paid, without written permission.
  5. If you share Supplied Data as allowed by the Permitted Use defined in Exhibit A, you shall ensure these Terms of Use are transmitted to the recipient(s) along with the Supplied Data.
  6. You shall include the ProgressBible™ name and date whenever presenting elements of Supplied Data in a chart, graphic, report, page, presentation, or paper. 
  7. When possible the term ProgressBible™ shall be hyperlinked to https://progress.bible: Data provided by ProgressBible™ on [insert actual date of the download].
  8. You grant SIL the right to publicly disclose that your organization is a customer of SIL or ProgressBible™.

3. General.

Nothing in these Terms of Use shall be construed as a license to incorporate Supplied Data into paid products or services. Nothing in these Terms of Use shall be construed as creating an exclusive agreement. Supplied Data is provided "as is" with no warranty expressed or implied.

4. Disputes and Governing Law.

The laws of the state of Texas govern these Terms of Use. In the event of a dispute we agree to first seek resolution through arbitration, which shall take place in Dallas, Texas.

5. Defined Uses.

The following "Defined Uses" are granted only if an "X" appears in the associated column in the tables of the Exhibit(s) below. A blank box means the use is not granted.

  1. "Research Use": Registered User may use to conduct analysis and develop insights, usually in the context of decision-support or academic work within the Granted Field of Use.
  2. "Use in Calculations": Registered User may use to generate summaries, aggregations, averages, trends to be used within the Granted Field of Use.
  3. "Inclusion in Reports": Registered User may incorporate values into a report to be distributed within the Granted Field of Use.
  4. "Inclusion in Printed Products": Registered User may incorporate values into a printed product to be distributed in physical copies within Granted Field of Use.

Exhibit A - Data Elements and Permitted Uses for reports

Report: "ProgressBible Registered User Data"

Item "Permitted Use" "Permitted Use" "Permitted Use" "Permitted Use"
Data Element NameResearch UseUse in CalculationsInclusion in ReportsInclusion in Printed Products
Language NameXXXX
Population GroupXXX
Language VitalityXXX
Year Scripture PublishedXXXX
Active TranslationXXXX